Seminyak – Bali, Indonesia

Today was another rough start for us. During the night Julie got a bit peckish and felt like eating one of her protein bars. She ate half, and left it on her bedside table. During the night a Gecko somehow got into the hotel room and tried to steal her protein bar, and ended up making a bunch of strange mating calls, which woke us both up. I saw him briefly, however he was quick to escape. I suggested that we both sleep with earplugs, and we went back to sleep. It was a fairly restless remainder of the evening.

In the morning I went for breakfast by myself, as Julie was still not feeling great. After breakfast we rented some e-bikes and started to ride to a nearby strawberry farm called Leon’s Strawberries. The bikes are geo-blocked, so they stop working at the entrance to the resort. We parked our bikes and walked the remainder of the way to Leon’s Strawberries. We picked about a pound of strawberries, which only cost about $1! We walked back to our bikes and then rode back to the hotel.

It was approaching the time to checkout, so I asked about hiring a local driver to drive us to our next place of accommodation; Sense Hotel in Seminyak. The total cost was about $50 CDN, which seems like a lot, however it was a 1.75 hour drive. We tried to check-in once we arrived, however we were a bit early, so Julie lounged by the pool, while I walked about 15 minutes to drop off our laundry to get washed. After dropping off our laundry the room was ready. We dropped off our bags, and walked to a restaurant called Biku for lunch. We chose Biku because we were both craving a sandwich, and Biku served gluten-free bread, which Julie requires.

After lunch we stopped in at Mexicola, a chic restaurant next door to our hotel, to make dinner reservations. Afterwards we went back to the hotel and lounged by the pool. Just what we both needed, since the last two weeks were go-go-go, and we were still not feeling great.

We lounged by the pool until 6:30pm, washed up, and got ready for our dinner. Mexicola as pretty spectacular! Not only was the décor and vibe pretty neat, the food was incredible. Julie had a bunch of tacos, and I had a yummy quesadilla.

After dinner we walked back to our hotel and watched more Taylor Tomlinson on Netflix, before falling asleep.

Handara Golf & Resort – Bali, Indonesia

Well… How do we describe today? Today was a day of recovery… After eating some food yesterday that was washed in some contaminated water, we both were feeling quite under the weather. I spent the morning in the beautiful hotel lobby editing photos between bathroom breaks, while Julie hung out in the room. The view outside of the lobby was pretty spectacular.

For lunch I had some Japanese Curry Ramen, which was delicious. In the afternoon we watched some comedy on Netflix. We found a hilarious young lady named Taylor Tomlinson and watched one of her shows, as well as 14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible, about a guy named Nirmal Purja, who summited the tallest 14 mountains in the world, in under 7 months! Such a good movie!

We both fell asleep for a bit, and woke up around 5:30pm. Despite not feeling great, I was feeling hungry so I went for dinner solo. I had the same burger that Julie had yesterday, however they added an egg to it, which I shouldn’t have had, because it ended up making me feel worse. After dinner we ended up watching more comedy on Netflix, before calling it a night.