April 7th 2016 – Exploring Northern Kauai

Today I woke up early because it was raining fairly heavily, and the birds and roosters were fairly noisy. I had breakfast, went to the bank to get some more US currency, and then back to the Lei Petite Café & Bakery for a coffee.

The rest of the wedding group were going on a boat cruise in the South today, but I didn’t really wish to spend the $150ish USD on it, so I stayed behind. I went to the Hanalei Bay Hotel to pick up Krstylyn (Mike’s friend), who also didn’t go on the cruise.

The day started out by heading North into the pouring rain. After crossing numerous one lane bridges, and a small river (don’t tell the rental car company), we came to fairly large looking cave on the left side of the road. The cave is called Maniniholo dry cave.

Maniniholo 2Maniniholo

The next stop was Waikanaloa wet cave. These caves are not safe to swim in, albeit tempting, and eventually feed into the ocean.


After that we were hungry so we drove to Kapaa, which was about a 30 minute drive away. We went to Chicken in a Barrel, where the meat is literally smoked in a barrel, which resembles a garbage can. The food was incredible and quite tasty. We have a meat platter, and fish taco’s.


We then went and purchased things for people back home. I got Kirsty a hand carved rosewood vase. It’s absolutely stunning and will be perfect for flowers when I get them for her. Oh yeah we also found something funny… organic Shave Ice… Seriously?


After that I drove Krstylyn back to her hotel so she could get ready to leave for the airport, as today was her last day, as well as a few others.

I then went back to Kapaa later on in the day for some drinks, and then had a relaxing evening, and FaceTime’d with Kirsty.

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