Chephren Lake Hike

On June 12th 2020 I completed the 7.7 km (return) hike to Chephren Lake. The lake is located just a few kilometre’s north of Saskatchewan Crossing, Alberta. Numerous sources of information stated that the hiking trail was closed, but after some extraordinary research I found it to be open. The Waterfowl Lakes Campground was closed, but the hiking trails in the area were still open. I arrived at the trailhead at 10:45am to beautiful sunshine and 18°C weather. The hike to the lake took about 1 hour, and within 5 minutes of arriving at the lake a massive dark cloud had rolled in and started to rain on top of me. The trail up was fairly muddy, but I’m sure the mud will have cleared up within 3-4 weeks. I took some pictures and then started the 45 minute trail run back to the car.

2020-06-12 Chephren Lake 12020-06-12 Chephren Lake 22020-06-12 Chephren Lake 3

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