April 5th 2016 – Marc and Jen’s Big Day!

Today I managed to sleep in and the roosters or birds didn’t wake me up. I managed to figure out how to block out some of the sound by closing the horizontal slats in my room at night to keep the sound out, but then open them when I wake up to get cool air flow throughout the day.

Today was the big day for Marc and Jen! I didn’t have my SLR with me today because I was part of the big day, so pardon the iPhone pictures. The day started out with the groom and groomsmen going for breakfast at this cute little bakery Called Lei Petite Cafe and Bakery. Marc’s father ended up catching the tab for everyone which was very nice of him.
After breakfast we went to play football at a beach called Puu Paa beach. Nobody except me could find it and it was quite the hike in, and very beautiful. I got separated from
The rest of the group but eventually caught up with them again.
We ended up just going down to their hotel beach and playing there. It was pouring rain the entire time but it kept it nice and cool for playing football.
We finished playing around 1030 and headed back to Marc’s fathers condo to get ready. Marc made a speech and began crying after 8 seconds the first time, then four seconds the second time. We told him he wasn’t going to even make it 2 seconds during the ceremony if he keeps this up. Marc thanked us all for coming and presented us all with customized cards and beautiful wooden sunglasses made by Woodsy.
After getting ready for the Ceremony we piled into shuttles to head down to the Na’ Aina’ Kai botanical gardens where they are getting married. The botanical gardens spans over 240 acres! I’ll be visiting here on Friday so I’ll post pictures on my Friday blog. We waited around in the lobby for a bit until we were ready to head down to where the ceremony is setup by the beach.
Originally the ceremony was supposed to take place on the beach but it was too windy so they moved in inland a bit into a sheltered area. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and I ended up shedding a fair amount of tears. After all Marc is one of my best friends and Jen couldn’t be better suited for him. They are perfect for one another. After the ceremony we had a formal dinner and speeches. The dinner was absolutely amazing; a perfect rare steak with mushrooms and tomatoes, asparagus, and a garden salad. I never thought of putting tomatoes on my steak before but it was delicious.
Dancing commenced after the dinner, and then we took shuttles to a beach bonfire. Sadly I didn’t feel like staying because I was exhausted and wasn’t feeling too well (because I was exhausted) so I took a taxi home shortly after I arrived.

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