Willcox Pass Hike

A few weekends ago I had the wonderful opportunity to complete the Willcox Pass hike with my friend Ashley. We set off early in the morning with a quick stop at McDonald’s to fuel our bodies with coffee before continuing the 3.5 hour drive to the Willcox Pass trailhead.

Sticker time on the hike is about 3 hours but we took closer to 4 because we wanted to take our time and we ran into some people and got chatting. The hike is 9.5km return with 522m of elevation gain. At the end of the trail you are greeted with a beautiful view of Athabasca Glacier (aka Columbia Icefields)

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After our hike we decided to go for some Montreal Smoked Meat poutine in Canmore at 514 Poutine, which is owned by a group of friends from Montreal. The clientele was mostly French speaking so we knew it was a good place. After our delicious dinner we drove back to Calgary. It was a 13 hour day all-in-all but an amazing one!

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August 4th 2016 – First Day In Sydney

After arriving at Sydney I was greeted by a very long customs lineup. It took about an hour to get through and then you have to wait in another lineup after the baggage collection area, even if you only have carry on like I did. This lineup was to check randomly to see if you are bringing anything into the country you shouldn’t be, such as food.
After that I went to purchase an OPAL card and boarded a train to Sydney Central Station. The train was nice, clean, and looked fairly new. When I got off the train at Central Station it had started to rain a bit so I put on my rain jacket. I had some time to kill before I could check into my hotel, so I went and walked through Hyde Park, to the Quay area, and The Rocks District. I saw the Sidney Opera House, the Harbor Bridge, tons of beautiful buildings, and lots of beautiful art.
At 10:30am I was getting fairly hungry so I walked to a mall near the Quay. I was in search of a sandwich, but the first place that caught my eye was of course Vietnamese, which is my favorite food. The Pho soup was okay, but far from my favorite. At $7.50 AUD it was a good deal considering how expensive it is in Australia.
After lunch I went and walked on the Harbor bridge and took a beautiful photo of the Opera House. This was such a spectacular view.
After walking across the bridge I decided I would start making my way towards my hotel and see if my room was ready. During my walk it started to downpour. An off duty bus pulled up next to me and a woman named Jenny asked where I was going. I told her I was going to the Devere Hotel in Potts Point. She said “come on in. I’ll take you”. The bus ride was a short ten minute ride. She told me all about the harbor area, and where I was staying. I learned a bit about her and her family and how expensive housing here is. She dropped me right off at the front door to my hotel. I couldn’t thank her enough!
It was noon but my room was ready. I settled in and had a shower and relaxed for a bit. In a matter of only fourty minutes the weather cleared up and the sun was shining again. I decided I wanted to go to Bondi Beach. I walked to Kings Cross station and took the train two stops to Bondi station, where I caught the 333 bus right to the beach. This is a very beautiful and long beach that stretches in a nice arc around a little bay.
I took some photos and then started to do the Bondi Beach Pathway but a lot of the pathway was destroyed a few weeks earlier due to a pretty substantial storm. There was a detour through a posh neighbourhood. 8 caught a glimpse of some very nice multi million dollar flats before being returned to the pathway. The views from the pathway were spectacular.
I took the 333 bus back to Bondi station, and then took the train back to Kings Cross Station. Outside of Kings Cross station there is a liquor store where I picked up a half dozen Australian beers to try. I walked back to my hotel, and began to write my blog, while enjoying two of the beers. I had a Victoria Bitters (bold and a bit bitter) and XXXX Gold (similar to Kokanee gold).
I was feeling a bit tired and was fighting a cold I’ve had for the past few days so I decided to have a nap. I set an alarm for 5:00pm so I could do a night walk tour, but I shut it off. I woke up at 1:00am. I guess I needed some sleep…
I checked my Apple Watch and noticed I had walked more than 25km and 240 minutes today! I went and grabbed some McDonalds because I was starving. The Big Mac’s here don’t taste as good as home. There really is a difference when it comes to Alberta beef. Nothing really compares in my opinion.
My next adventure is the Blue Mountains, but you’ll have to check back for the next blog post for that one.
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