April 10th 2016 – Home from Kauai

On April 10th I sadly had to leave Kauai, back to my regular scheduled life back in Calgary. The last day was pretty fun. I ended up spending the entire day with Marc, Jen, and the rest of the gang at their resort. Hanalei Bay Resort is a fabulous place with a huge pool, a great restaurant, and beautiful scenery. I had a huge hamburger and wedge cut fries for lunch, and then spent the afternoon lounging by the pool.

2016-04-10 Kauai iPhone 1

Marc was also being absolutely ridiculous and stole Logan’s fedora and was trying to wear it. Jen didn’t think it was particularly suiting of his style…

2016-04-10 Kauai iPhone 2

Sadly the fun had to come to an end and I had to go home. When I got to the airport I noticed something I didn’t notice when I landed. Kauai Airport is quite poorly setup for the amount of travel that it does receive. The ticket counters are all at street level outside and then you have to join an hour long lineup to go through security. After passing security you then go wait in your gate waiting room, which isn’t air conditioned, and to our grand surprise had a fair amount of cockroaches. The airport is definitely in need of some upgrades. I choose to upgrade again to Plus for a mere $120, which I feel is a good deal.

2016-04-10 Kauai iPhone 3

When I got back to Calgary I was exhausted and spent the day sleeping. I spent the fair majority of the week recovering from jet lag.

Yesterday (April 15th), Kirsty and I went out for a date night and saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. It was hilarious! I hadn’t even seen the first one and still understood the story. Kirsty has the first one on DVD, so I’ll have to watch it sometime.

Today we went and saw a movie called Demolition. It was weird, but I thought it was pretty good. Basically this guy’s wife dies in a car accident, and he doesn’t really feel anything and ends up just losing his mind for a while. I won’t spoil the story…

Tomorrow I’m pretty excited because I get to visit with a good friend of mine in the morning, who is visiting from Toronto. I have not seen her in nearly a year since she moved away from Calgary. After that I’m visiting Super Train, which is an annual train show held in Calgary. I’ve been going to it since I was a child. I’m going to be going with my friend Arthur. Look for tomorrow’s post about the train show!

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April 9th 2016 – Sunset at Hanalei Bay

I decided to head to Hanalei Bay Pier for some sunset photos this evening. I’m glad I went, because it was absolutely stunning! There was a young german man taking photo’s of his girlfriend modelling in the sand. He saw me with my camera and asked for some tips, so I helped him out, and even took a few photos of them together. I even saw an old dog playing in the water.


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April 8th 2016 –Hanakapi’ai Trail

Today I woke up at 8:30am, partially because I was tired, and partially because I had too much to drink the night before. I made myself some coffee, and had breakfast and drove towards the trailhead, which was about a half hour away.

The trailhead taunts you with what is going to be a pretty difficult hike, but well worth it in the end. The hike is brutal in some parts, but easy in others. Here’s an elevation profile so you can see what I’m talking about.


The views are spectacular all along the way. You basically run alongside the ocean for the first 2.0 miles (3.2 km).


After the 2.0 miles you reach a beach called Hanakapi`ai beach. The beach doesn’t have much sand at all, but it has a lot of amazing rock formations that people have placed.


After the beach you continue inland another 2.0 miles (3.2 km) to Hanakapi’ai Falls. You cross over the river multiple times to get there, and I’ll be honest I fell in once and it wasn’t pretty. At least I got a good laugh, as well as others. I could hear the falls getting louder and louder as I approached. Even the photo from a far was quite beautiful.


When I arrived at the falls there was a ton of people there, some even swimming in the little lake at the bottom. I quickly noticed that someone was sitting on the rocks enjoying herself, and thought it would be a neat photo to take a picture of.


I then gazed my eyes up and down the falls and was quite overwhelmed by how beautiful they were.


Oh yeah and there was a random kitten just hanging out by the waterfalls… Nobody knew why it was there or how it got there. Poor kitty, but it looks like many people were feeding it.


It took 2.5 hours to hike to the falls, and 1.5 hours to hike back to the car. 22000 steps later, and I’m exhausted. I drove back to the condo, showered, and then got some beer, chicken, and mashed potatoes from the grocery store. I talked with Kirsty for a bit, downloaded my photos, went for a swim in the pool, and now I’m just going to relax for the rest of the day.

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April 7th 2016 – Exploring Northern Kauai

Today I woke up early because it was raining fairly heavily, and the birds and roosters were fairly noisy. I had breakfast, went to the bank to get some more US currency, and then back to the Lei Petite Café & Bakery for a coffee.

The rest of the wedding group were going on a boat cruise in the South today, but I didn’t really wish to spend the $150ish USD on it, so I stayed behind. I went to the Hanalei Bay Hotel to pick up Krstylyn (Mike’s friend), who also didn’t go on the cruise.

The day started out by heading North into the pouring rain. After crossing numerous one lane bridges, and a small river (don’t tell the rental car company), we came to fairly large looking cave on the left side of the road. The cave is called Maniniholo dry cave.

Maniniholo 2Maniniholo

The next stop was Waikanaloa wet cave. These caves are not safe to swim in, albeit tempting, and eventually feed into the ocean.


After that we were hungry so we drove to Kapaa, which was about a 30 minute drive away. We went to Chicken in a Barrel, where the meat is literally smoked in a barrel, which resembles a garbage can. The food was incredible and quite tasty. We have a meat platter, and fish taco’s.


We then went and purchased things for people back home. I got Kirsty a hand carved rosewood vase. It’s absolutely stunning and will be perfect for flowers when I get them for her. Oh yeah we also found something funny… organic Shave Ice… Seriously?


After that I drove Krstylyn back to her hotel so she could get ready to leave for the airport, as today was her last day, as well as a few others.

I then went back to Kapaa later on in the day for some drinks, and then had a relaxing evening, and FaceTime’d with Kirsty.

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April 6th 2016 – Exploring Southern Kauai

Today was my second consecutive day of no roosters or birds disturbing my slumber. I woke up at around 7:30am. I had to walk to get my car from the previous night, which I had left about 1/2 mile away where we caught the shuttles for the wedding. I picked up the car and drove down to the St. Regis hotel, where we had a buffet breakfast with everyone before Marc and Jen took off on their honeymoon.

Breakfast wrapped up at around 11am. I wasn’t sure at first if I actually wanted to drive all the way down to the South today, since the day was starting so late, but I decided to go ahead anyways. My first stop was the eucalyptus tree tunnel on the way to Koloa.


Koloa is a very beautiful small town. There was an older, beautiful church, and a nice little stretch of beach.


After visiting Koloa I drove to Port Allen for some lunch. It looks like Port Allen is a fairly industrious town, in fact it seems the South is way more industrious than the North.


I then headed to Waimea, where I saw a bunch of racing canoes.


The real fun then began! I headed to Waimea Canyon and Kokee State Park. The roads are out of this world! I only had a Nissan Versa for a car, but it was still fun twisting through the roads at a decent pace. Today is the day I wish I had upgraded to the V8 Mustang! I’ve never driven on such twisty roads in my life! The views were out of this world spectacular. Along the road there were about half a dozen official lookouts, but I stopped everywhere I could do so safely. The round trip into the national park took about 2 hours, which included stopping to take photos.


It was starting to get dark so I head back to the condo, where I just relaxed for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow is a beach day, unless it rains!

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April 5th 2016 – Marc and Jen’s Big Day!

Today I managed to sleep in and the roosters or birds didn’t wake me up. I managed to figure out how to block out some of the sound by closing the horizontal slats in my room at night to keep the sound out, but then open them when I wake up to get cool air flow throughout the day.

Today was the big day for Marc and Jen! I didn’t have my SLR with me today because I was part of the big day, so pardon the iPhone pictures. The day started out with the groom and groomsmen going for breakfast at this cute little bakery Called Lei Petite Cafe and Bakery. Marc’s father ended up catching the tab for everyone which was very nice of him.
After breakfast we went to play football at a beach called Puu Paa beach. Nobody except me could find it and it was quite the hike in, and very beautiful. I got separated from
The rest of the group but eventually caught up with them again.
We ended up just going down to their hotel beach and playing there. It was pouring rain the entire time but it kept it nice and cool for playing football.
We finished playing around 1030 and headed back to Marc’s fathers condo to get ready. Marc made a speech and began crying after 8 seconds the first time, then four seconds the second time. We told him he wasn’t going to even make it 2 seconds during the ceremony if he keeps this up. Marc thanked us all for coming and presented us all with customized cards and beautiful wooden sunglasses made by Woodsy.
After getting ready for the Ceremony we piled into shuttles to head down to the Na’ Aina’ Kai botanical gardens where they are getting married. The botanical gardens spans over 240 acres! I’ll be visiting here on Friday so I’ll post pictures on my Friday blog. We waited around in the lobby for a bit until we were ready to head down to where the ceremony is setup by the beach.
Originally the ceremony was supposed to take place on the beach but it was too windy so they moved in inland a bit into a sheltered area. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and I ended up shedding a fair amount of tears. After all Marc is one of my best friends and Jen couldn’t be better suited for him. They are perfect for one another. After the ceremony we had a formal dinner and speeches. The dinner was absolutely amazing; a perfect rare steak with mushrooms and tomatoes, asparagus, and a garden salad. I never thought of putting tomatoes on my steak before but it was delicious.
Dancing commenced after the dinner, and then we took shuttles to a beach bonfire. Sadly I didn’t feel like staying because I was exhausted and wasn’t feeling too well (because I was exhausted) so I took a taxi home shortly after I arrived.

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April 4th 2016 – Beach Day and Wedding Rehearsal

Today I was woken up again at 6am by the pesky rooster! I made breakfast and had some coffee, and had a bit of spare time before I was meeting up with the Bride and Groom for a beach day. I decided to go for a walk around the resort and took some photos.


I then went to meet up with Marc and Jen to soak up some sun on the beach before the wedding rehearsal. We went to the Hanalei Bay Pier, which was absolutely beautiful.


After the beach I went back to my condo to get ready for the wedding rehearsal. The wedding is taking place at Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens. It’s absolutely breathtaking, and I only saw a bit of a glimpse of what the entire botanical gardens looks like.


After the rehearsal we went for dinner at this restaurant called The Bistro. I had a burger, white wine, and some yummy appetizers. It was all delicious. After dinner we went back and had some drinks at a bar on our resort.

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April 3rd 2016 – My First Day in Kauai!

Today I was woken up at 5am by a Rooster and beautiful sounding birds. The birds were pleasant, but I was searching for a non existant BB gun for the rooster. I made some breakfast and brewed some coffee and then figured out where I wanted to go exploring for the day. I decided that I wanted to explore the North and the East sides of the island. My first stop was the Kilauea Lighthouse. The lighthouse and trail itself were closed for rehabilitation, but the view was spectacular.
I then headed to Anahola Beach, which was quite beautiful. I was warned by the car rental company about certain beaches such as Anahola Beach, that my car wouldn’t make it, but you just have to be careful and plan your route through the ruts in the road. The roads off the beaten path here are a bit weathered due to the torrential rainfall the island sees throughout the year.
I then proceeded to Opaeka’a Falls. There was actually three views here, instead of just the one I thought that was there. The first view overlooked towards the ocean, the second view was the waterfalls, and the third was rolling hills (small mountains) with a river flowing between them. The third view even had a few dozen kayakers!
I then headed to Wailua falls. These falls are quite spectacular, and there are a few other viewpoints along the way. The road to the waterfalls was quite twisty and full of slow tourists, but I eventually made it.
I then was getting fairly hungry so I stopped for a second breakfast, since it was still too early for lunch. After eating I then head towards Lihue, where I went on a train plantation tour at Kilohana. On the tour they show you all the different types of plants and vegetation that are native to the area, and they even stop to let you feed boards, and goats. I didn’t feed them, but I definitely had some fun taking photos of them.
I then head back towards the condo so that I could relax for a bit before meeting up with the wedding party at the beach for some afternoon sun. They were at Hanalei Bay. The bay is absolutely stunning, and there are no words to describe. I didn’t take any photos there today because I didn’t bring my camera to the beach. I’ll probably stop by on April 8th to take some photos there, when I go on my hike at Hanakapi’ai Falls.
I head back to my condo again at around 3:30pm so that I could FaceTime with my girlfriend for a bit, before heading to the Luau. The Luau was beyond incredible, with delicious food, and some incredible dancing, and playing with fire sticks. Towards the end of the Luau, the Groom (Marc) got sucked up (we made him) into going on stage with all the dancers and they made did one of their dances around him. It was pretty fun to watch, and he had the biggest smile on his face.
After the Luau I head back to the Condo to download my photos and head to bed. I was exhausted even though it was only 9:30pm.

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April 2nd 2016 – Travelling to Hawaii

I’m headed to Kauai, Hawaii for my friend’s wedding! Today was a long travel day. I slept in until 9:30am, which was nice. Woke up and had breakfast with my girlfriend, helped her with burning some CD’s, and had lunch. Took a limo ride to the airport at 1pm where I met up with the bride (Jen), groom (Marc), and their son (Mason). We caught a 3pm flight to Vancouver. In Vancouver we met up with a bunch of other people going to the wedding and boarded a 5:15pm flight to Lihue, Kauai. The flight was quite smooth, and fairly fast. It was also beneficial I paid to get upgraded to WestJet Plus, where you get more leg room, complimentary food, and drinks. On the flight I was sitting next to this interesting woman named Coralee. Coralee is a massage therapist in Edmonton who is a very spiritual and holistic person. She had a lot of neat things to say and a lot of alternative perspectives to the way I think about things. It was good conversation.

After landing I picked up my rental car, a Nissan Versa. I hadn’t driven a Nissan in quite some time and was actually quite surprised at what a decent car the little Versa was. The drive to the condo I’m staying at was about 45 minutes. I stopped along the way at a Safeway to get some groceries and beer. Food is about double the cost of back home when you factor in the exchange rate. Beer is about half the cost!

Here is a picture of the beautiful sunset I saw on the plane, and the condo I’m staying at. I have to figure out what I’m going to do tomorrow during the day (possibly a hike), but in the evening I have a Luau to go to!


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