2020-07-05 Calgary Tornado Warning

On July 5th 2020 I was playing Civilization 6 with my friend Carissa and was presented with a tornado warning on my cellphone at around 9:30pm. I looked outside and sure enough there was an ominous looking cloud looming over our condo building. I took some photos with my Canon EOS R and threw the DJI Mavic Mini up in the air to take a better look.

2020-07-05 Calgary Tornado Warning 022020-07-05 Calgary Tornado Warning 052020-07-05 Calgary Tornado Warning 06DCIM101MEDIADJI_0631.JPG

I wasn’t too concerned and the warning ended at around 10:30pm. We talked about a contingency plan if things were to get worse, so we have an idea of what to do if it were to happen again.

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