Vietnam – Day 4 – Ba Na Hills

I was woken up by a noise at 4:15am and couldn’t get back to bed. I edited some photos and wrote some of my blog while waiting for the restaurant to open for breakfast. I went for breakfast at 7:00am and  had Mi Quang, which is a noodle dish that has quail eggs. It was absolutely delicious. After breakfast I waited for the tour bus to pick me up for a tour that I had booked to Ba Na Hills, which is a French resort located in the Truong Son Mountains west of the city of Da Nang. The tour cost roughly 1,345,000 Dong ($85 CND).

Ba Na Hills was built in 1919 by French colonists and is located 1500 metres above sea level. The resort has a view of the East Sea and nearby mountains. Being so high up the resort offers substantially cooler temperatures than the cities below, with the average temperatures hovering in the high teens or low twenties.

The 120km trip from my villa to Ba Na Hills took roughly 1.75 hours. On the bus I was sitting next to a girl from Germany named Yasemin. She was really sweet. She was travelling with a friend but they were fighting so they were sitting in different parts of the bus. She also had a very touching private story that she told me, but it melted my heart. She’s such a kind gentle person.

On arrival we boarded the Ba Na Cable Car to the top of the hill. The Ba Na Cable Car, opened on 29 March 2013, holds the world record for the longest non-stop single track cable car at 5801 metres (19032 feet)  long.

2019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 092019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 102019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 122019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 13

After arriving at the top we first visited the newest attraction to the resort; The Golden Bridge. The Golden Bridge is a 150 metre (490 foot) long pedestrian bridge that was built in 2018. The bridge is designed to connect the cable car station with the gardens above, thus avoiding a steep incline, and to provide a scenic overlook and tourist attraction. The bridge is designed to appear to have two giant stone hands supporting the structure and loops back around to itself.

2019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 142019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 17

After walking along The Golden Bridge we then took another cable car up to the gardens above. The gardens were absolutely beautiful and kind of gave the vibe of Alice In Wonderland. After viewing the gardens we then visited the Ling Ung Pagoda and large Buddha statue, which stands fairly tall at roughly 27 metres (89 feet).

2019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 162019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 182019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 192019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 202019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 212019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 222019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 242019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 262019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 272019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 302019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 312019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 322019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 332019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 352019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 362019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 372019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 382019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 392019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 402019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 422019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 432019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 482019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 492019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 532019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 542019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 552019-05-20 Ba Na Hills 56

After that we sat down for a rather disappointing lunch buffet. Everything was cold and chewy. During lunch it started to rain very heavily, and then the power went out for roughly 15 minutes before the power generators kicked in. Since it was raining out we decided to explore the indoor Fantasy Park. I rode on the Bumper Cars, Alpine Coaster, and a shooting game.

2019-05-17 Vietnam iPhone Photos 1122019-05-17 Vietnam iPhone Photos 1162019-05-17 Vietnam iPhone Photos 1192019-05-17 Vietnam iPhone Photos 1202019-05-17 Vietnam iPhone Photos 1212019-05-17 Vietnam iPhone Photos 122

It was approaching 3:00pm and unfortunately it was time to head back down to the tour bus. I didn’t get to experience about half of Ba Na Hills due to the weather and time constraints unfortunately. I was dropped off back in town at roughly 5:30pm and decided to eat again at Banh Mi Phuong for dinner. After dinner I walked back to the Villa and went to bed early at 9:00pm.

2019-05-17 Vietnam iPhone Photos 123

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December 2016 – UK, Germany and Italy Part 2

Continuing on the post from the other day here are some more photo’s from my UK, Germany, and Italy trip. There’s a few photo’s I forgot to include from Cologne, Germany, but the majority of the photo’s are from Rome. Rome is some of the most stunning architecture I have ever seen. Enjoy and stay tuned for Part 3, where I took a surprise trip down to Sorrento & Pompeii!

2016-12-11 Rome 11
2016-12-11 Rome 17
2016-12-11 Rome 19
2016-12-11 Rome 23
2016-12-11 Rome 29
2016-12-11 Rome 30
2016-12-11 Rome 33
2016-12-11 Rome 35
2016-12-11 Rome 37
2016-12-11 Rome 44
2016-12-11 Rome 51
2016-12-11 Rome 52
2016-12-11 Rome 53
2016-12-11 Rome 56
2016-12-11 Rome 61
2016-12-11 Rome 62
2016-12-11 Rome 63
2016-12-11 Rome 68
2016-12-11 Rome 71
2016-12-11 Rome 79
2016-12-12 Rome 01
2016-12-12 Rome 02
2016-12-12 Rome 09
2016-12-12 Rome 12
2016-12-12 Rome 24
2016-12-12 Rome 25
2016-12-12 Rome 30
2016-12-12 Rome 37
2016-12-12 Rome 45
2016-12-12 Rome 50
2016-12-12 Rome 52
2016-12-12 Rome 53
2016-12-12 Rome 54
2016-12-12 Rome 62
2016-12-13 Rome 01
2016-12-13 Rome 02
2016-12-13 Rome 08
2016-12-13 Rome 10
2016-12-13 Rome 11
2016-12-13 Rome 12
2016-12-13 Rome 13
2016-12-13 Rome 22
2016-12-13 Rome 30
2016-12-13 Rome 33
2016-12-13 Rome 48
2016-12-13 Rome 51
2016-12-13 Rome 53
2016-12-13 Rome 70
2016-12-13 Rome 79
2016-12-13 Rome 80
2016-12-13 Rome 87

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December 2016 – UK, Germany and Italy Part 1

You may have noticed my lack of posts in the previous months… This has been due to the fact that work has been very busy, but the good news is that I have had the time to travel during that time frame. In December I was presented with the opportunity to travel with my company to London, UK for work for a few days. My father was presenting at a conference, while myself and a colleague were promoting our company at our display booth at the conference. It was a busy few days, but I was able to meet with a friend after the conference to take some photo’s around London, as well as tour around with my father and my colleague. After the conference I was supposed to meet up with my friend Anne in Germany, but last second changes occurred, so we were unable to meet up. I ended up exploring Cologne and Bonn anyways! After Cologne and Bonn I flew over to Rome to enjoy a few days there before heading home. You’ll have to wait for the next most to see my Rome photo’s… I’ve included some of my favorite photo’s of the trip below.

2016-12-05 London 02
2016-12-05 London 06
2016-12-05 London 10
2016-12-05 London 21
2016-12-05 London 22
2016-12-05 London 26
2016-12-07 London 39
2016-12-07 London 41
2016-12-07 London 42
2016-12-07 London 45
2016-12-07 London 55
2016-12-07 London 61
2016-12-07 London 64
2016-12-07 London 66
2016-12-07 London 71
2016-12-07 London 72
2016-12-08 Cologne 01
2016-12-08 Cologne 03
2016-12-08 Cologne 09
2016-12-08 Cologne 12
2016-12-08 Cologne 13
2016-12-08 Cologne 16
2016-12-08 Cologne 23
2016-12-08 Cologne 24
2016-12-08 Cologne 34
2016-12-08 Cologne 35
2016-12-08 Cologne 48
2016-12-08 London 1
2016-12-08 London 6
2016-12-08 London 7

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