Sulphur Mountain Hike

Last weekend I went on a wonderful hike up Sulphur Mountain in Banff National Park with my friend Hadrian Robinson. It’s a moderate hike with 744 metres of elevation gain and 11km round-trip. The weather was perfect and we couldn’t have had a better day. Check out Hadrian’s wonderful photography on his Instagram account @hadrianrobinsonphotography. Here’s some of my photos from our hike!

2018-06-17 Sulphur Mountain Hike 022018-06-17 Sulphur Mountain Hike 032018-06-17 Sulphur Mountain Hike 042018-06-17 Sulphur Mountain Hike 062018-06-17 Sulphur Mountain Hike 072018-06-17 Sulphur Mountain Hike 082018-06-17 Sulphur Mountain Hike 132018-06-17 Sulphur Mountain Hike 182018-06-17 Sulphur Mountain Hike 192018-06-17 Sulphur Mountain Hike 212018-06-17 Sulphur Mountain Hike 222018-06-17 Sulphur Mountain Hike 232018-06-17 Sulphur Mountain Hike 242018-06-17 Sulphur Mountain Hike 252018-06-17 Sulphur Mountain Hike 26

Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary

A few day’s ago I took my mom to the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary. It was a very late Christmas present because we had both been busy or unavailable during the first half of the year.

The sanctuary was started in June 2011 by Georgina De Caigny and Andi Scheibenstock because they recognized a need for a knowledgeable and experienced rescue organization that would make the rehabilitation and rehoming of displaced wolfdogs a priority. It’s one of the largest sanctuaries within Canada. The sanctuary is currently home to 23 wolfdogs.

I highly recommend visiting the sanctuary if you want to learn more about wolfdogs, see some super cute wolfdogs, and support the non-profit sanctuary. The website for the sanctuary isĀ

2018-06-16 Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary 012018-06-16 Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary 072018-06-16 Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary 102018-06-16 Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary 112018-06-16 Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary 122018-06-16 Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary 162018-06-16 Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary 212018-06-16 Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary 262018-06-16 Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary 282018-06-16 Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary 292018-06-16 Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary 31

Larch Valley Hike

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go on a beautiful hike near Moraine Lake with my friend Sara. The hike is called Larch Valley. The drive from Calgary was about 1.75 Hours to the overflow parking lot near lake louse. We had to wait there for about an hour to catch a Government of Canada chartered bus up to Morraine Lake. The hike is about a 2 hour journey to the valley up a bunch of steep switchbacks, but the view is definitely worth it. Going down took a mere 45 minutes. This is one of my favorite hikes that I have ever done.

2017-09-23 Larch Valley Hike 022017-09-23 Larch Valley Hike 042017-09-23 Larch Valley Hike 132017-09-23 Larch Valley Hike 152017-09-23 Larch Valley Hike 162017-09-23 Larch Valley Hike 292017-09-23 Larch Valley Hike 342017-09-23 Larch Valley Hike 362017-09-23 Larch Valley Hike 44

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2017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show

Yesterday I travelled up to Edmonton with my friend Hadrian to visit the 3rd annual Edmonton Air Show. There were some amazing airplanes and pilots there, including a 75 year old stunt pilot (Gary Ward), De Havilland DH-115 Vampire, and the snowbirds presented the finale. Enjoy the photos below.

2017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 0082017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 0092017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 0112017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 0252017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 0402017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 0462017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 0492017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 0532017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 0562017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 0602017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 0672017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 0682017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 0772017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 0852017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 0872017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 0892017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 0952017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 1052017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 1072017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 1122017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 1182017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 1192017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 1212017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 1242017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 1272017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 1482017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 1592017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 1672017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 1682017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 1702017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 1712017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 1722017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 1762017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 1902017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 1922017-08-19 Edmonton Air Show 197

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Quebec & Montreal

The week after returning from my Boston & New York trip I had the opportunity to go on a trip to Quebec & Montreal for my birthday. Work was a bit slow still and I approached my boss and asked if I could go away for another week, and he said go for it. I found a steal of a deal for $700 for flights to/from YYC to YUL (Air Canada), hotels in both Quebec and Montreal, and Via rail to/from Quebec/Montreal. Not bad for easter weekend!

I was blown away by the sheer beauty of Quebec and Montreal. I’ve been wanting to go here for years but hadn’t got around to it.

In Montreal I met up with my friend Myriam, who I had met earlier this year on my trip to Hawaii. We had some of the most amazing poutine I’ve ever had in my life! I even met some new friends while at a brewery in Montreal, who I still maintain contact with. One of them even lives here in Calgary.

Take a look at my pictures below and see the amazing beauty of both these amazing cities.

2017-04-17 Montreal 0012017-04-17 Montreal 0032017-04-17 Montreal 0042017-04-17 Montreal 0062017-04-17 Montreal 0092017-04-17 Montreal 0132017-04-17 Montreal 0272017-04-17 Montreal 0302017-04-17 Montreal 0342017-04-17 Montreal 0402017-04-17 Montreal 0452017-04-17 Montreal 0682017-04-17 Montreal 0792017-04-17 Montreal 0802017-04-17 Montreal 0882017-04-17 Montreal 0912017-04-17 Montreal 1002017-04-17 Montreal 1022017-04-17 Montreal 1072017-04-17 Montreal 1082017-04-17 Montreal 1092017-04-17 Montreal 1102017-04-17 Montreal 1112017-04-17 Montreal 1122017-04-17 Montreal 1142017-04-17 Montreal 1152017-04-17 Montreal 1162017-04-17 Montreal 1172017-04-17 Montreal 1182017-04-17 Montreal 1192017-04-17 Montreal 1202017-04-17 Montreal 1222017-04-17 Montreal 1292017-04-17 Montreal 1392017-04-17 Montreal 1662017-04-17 Montreal 1792017-04-17 Montreal 1892017-04-17 Montreal 2022017-04-17 Montreal 2042017-04-17 Montreal 2052017-04-17 Montreal 2062017-04-17 Montreal 2162017-04-17 Montreal 2362017-04-20 Quebec 0032017-04-20 Quebec 0172017-04-20 Quebec 0212017-04-20 Quebec 0292017-04-20 Quebec 0512017-04-20 Quebec 0572017-04-20 Quebec 0632017-04-20 Quebec 0652017-04-20 Quebec 0732017-04-20 Quebec 0922017-04-20 Quebec 0972017-04-20 Quebec 1142017-04-20 Quebec 1232017-04-20 Quebec 131

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New York & Boston Part 2 of 2

After visiting New York I took a Delta flight on a Maddog (MD-88) over to Boston. Boston is a beautiful colonial city with a ton of amazing architecture and history. It’s also one of the most educated cities in the United States. Some of my favorite photos’ are shown below. After Boston I had some troubles catching my flight back to New York (La Guardia), due to weather, so I could catch my flight from JFK to Calgary, but Delta was able to re-accommodate me to fly directly into JFK, which was a huge life saver. Thank you Delta!

2017-04-07 Boston 0322017-04-07 Boston 0342017-04-07 Boston 0362017-04-07 Boston 0472017-04-07 Boston 0552017-04-07 Boston 0582017-04-07 Boston 0602017-04-07 Boston 0632017-04-07 Boston 0952017-04-07 Boston 1072017-04-07 Boston 1142017-04-07 Boston 1292017-04-07 Boston 1392017-04-07 Boston 1472017-04-07 Boston 1612017-04-07 Boston 1632017-04-07 Boston 1652017-04-07 Boston 1662017-04-07 Boston 1902017-04-07 Boston 1922017-04-07 Boston 1952017-04-07 Boston 2082017-04-07 Boston 2102017-04-07 Boston 2172017-04-07 Boston 2182017-04-07 Boston 2232017-04-07 Boston 2302017-04-07 Boston 2352017-04-07 Boston 2462017-04-07 Boston 2492017-04-07 Boston 2822017-04-07 Boston 2832017-04-07 Boston 2852017-04-07 Boston 2912017-04-07 Boston 2932017-04-07 Boston 2942017-04-07 Boston 2962017-04-07 Boston 3012017-04-07 Boston 310

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New York & Boston Part 1 of 2

In April I had to opportunity to take a trip to New York & Boston. Work was a little slow that week so I decided to take the opportunity to fly out to New York & Boston. I ended up getting a Return Ticket from YYC directly into JFK for only $332 with WestJet in Economy Plus.

I spent a total of two days in New York. For some reason I had a huge difficulty sleeping in the AirBNB I was staying at because it was so warm, so I had an early start each day, which allowed me to see a lot. Some highlights of New York were visiting the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the finance District, Chinatown, Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn and Brooklyn Bridge, East Village, Harlem, and The High Line. I didn’t have the opportunity to go on top of any of the towers there as I didn’t book the tickets enough in advance. When I was there I even got to meetup with the sister and husband of a friend that I used to work with at a previous employer. We had so much delicious food including Vietnamese and Pizza, as well as some of the best IPA’s I’ve ever had in my life. The east coast definitely knows how to make a great IPA!

I’ve included some pictures of my New York trip below. Check back soon for Part 2!

2017-04-04 New York 0122017-04-04 New York 0132017-04-04 New York 0172017-04-04 New York 0212017-04-04 New York 0222017-04-04 New York 0292017-04-04 New York 0432017-04-04 New York 0462017-04-04 New York 0482017-04-04 New York 0532017-04-04 New York 0542017-04-04 New York 0562017-04-04 New York 0602017-04-04 New York 0812017-04-04 New York 0822017-04-04 New York 0842017-04-04 New York 0912017-04-04 New York 0932017-04-04 New York 0952017-04-04 New York 0982017-04-04 New York 1012017-04-04 New York 1082017-04-04 New York 1112017-04-04 New York 1162017-04-04 New York 1172017-04-04 New York 1192017-04-04 New York 1242017-04-04 New York 1392017-04-04 New York 1422017-04-04 New York 1442017-04-04 New York 1512017-04-04 New York 1572017-04-04 New York 1582017-04-04 New York 1592017-04-04 New York 1622017-04-04 New York 1732017-04-04 New York 1912017-04-04 New York 2072017-04-04 New York 2452017-04-04 New York 2562017-04-04 New York 2572017-04-04 New York 2622017-04-04 New York 2652017-04-04 New York 2822017-04-04 New York 2912017-04-04 New York 2972017-04-04 New York 3042017-04-04 New York 3082017-04-04 New York 3092017-04-04 New York 3112017-04-04 New York 3182017-04-04 New York 3242017-04-04 New York 3252017-04-04 New York 3262017-04-04 New York 3282017-04-04 New York 3602017-04-04 New York 3662017-04-04 New York 3682017-04-04 New York 3712017-04-04 New York 3772017-04-04 New York 3832017-04-04 New York 3852017-04-04 New York 3872017-04-04 New York iPhone 012017-04-04 New York iPhone 022017-04-04 New York iPhone 13

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