Lake Annette & Read’s Tower Hikes

Today I completed two hikes; Lake Annette & Read’s Tower. I woke up at 4:00am and had some eggs, brisket, and cheese for breakfast with some coffee and then set off at around 4:30am. I had to fill up with fuel on my way out of the city, but thankfully gas is only 95 cents/litre at the moment so it only cost me $23 for a partial fill.

My first stop was Lake Annette, which is near Lake Louise. The drive took about 2.25 hours. I arrived at 6:45am and got started on my hike. Lake Annette is rated as a moderate hike with 377 metres of elevation gain over 11.3km of distance. The hike took me just over 2 hours to complete. The hike spends the majority of the time in the woods, with a few spots of alpine meadows. I was the only one on the trail for the majority of the hike, except towards the end when I was nearly back at my car.

2019-08-30 Lake Annette 12019-08-30 Lake Annette 22019-08-30 Lake Annette 52019-08-30 Lake Annette 6

The next hike was Read’s Tower, which is in the Spray Lakes area near Canmore. The drive from Lake Louise took about 1.5 hours. There was only 3 other cars in the parking lot, so I knew the trail would be quiet. I made it about 2/3 of the way up the 6.8km trail with 855 metres of elevation gain before throwing in the towel. My shoes were not giving me any grip what so ever and I fell over a few times. It’s time for new hiking shoes since my tread is almost completely gone.

2019-08-30 Read Tower

May 7th 2016 – Cold War Bunker & Heart Creek Hike

Today I went on two hikes with my friend Carissa. The first hike was to a Cold War Bunker at Lac Des Arcs, near Canmore, Alberta. The hike was quite easy; two kilometres each way, with only about 100 metres of elevation gain. It took approximately half an hour to get to the bunker. I had fairly high expectations, but I was quite blown away when we got there. We even saw a Pack Rat living in the bunker.


After we finished looking inside the bunker we went back to the parking lot where we parked, and started on the Heart Creek Hike, which was on the other end of the parking lot. The hike to the waterfall at the end of the Heart Creek Hike took about an hour. We saw a bunch of people rock climbing along the way. When we got to the end of the hike you could hear the waterfall, but couldn’t see it. I took off my shoes and climbed into the water with my camera and climbed about 20 feet up some rocks to see the waterfall around a corner. I’m glad I did, because it was quite beautiful. We even saw a very cute teacup Chihuahua.


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