2017-11-05 Classic Canadian Tours – Polarbears in Churchill

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go on a trip of a lifetime with my mom. We took a chartered flight on a Canadian North Boeing 737-300 from Calgary to Churchill, Manitoba. The flight was 2 1/2 hours and during the flight we were served a hot breakfast and learned about Polarbears and what we would experience today. When we landed in Churchill we boarded school buses for a quick 15 minute drive to where the Tundra Buggy launch site was. We boarded the warm, cozy, and spacious Tundra Buggy’s and spent the rest of the day looking for Polarbears and other wildlife. We saw white, red, and silver foxes, a few bird species, and of course Polarbears. Lunch was served onboard the Tundra Buggies, a delicious home made vegetable soup with a selection of sandwiches; I chose Montreal smoked meat. It was starting to get dark at around 4pm, so we head back towards the Tundra Buggy launch site, boarded the school buses and drove into Churchill to explore the town for an hour before boarding the plane back home. On the flight home we were served chicken cordon bleu and a selection of spirits; I had red wine.

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