New York & Boston Part 2 of 2

After visiting New York I took a Delta flight on a Maddog (MD-88) over to Boston. Boston is a beautiful colonial city with a ton of amazing architecture and history. It’s also one of the most educated cities in the United States. Some of my favorite photos’ are shown below. After Boston I had some troubles catching my flight back to New York (La Guardia), due to weather, so I could catch my flight from JFK to Calgary, but Delta was able to re-accommodate me to fly directly into JFK, which was a huge life saver. Thank you Delta!

2017-04-07 Boston 0322017-04-07 Boston 0342017-04-07 Boston 0362017-04-07 Boston 0472017-04-07 Boston 0552017-04-07 Boston 0582017-04-07 Boston 0602017-04-07 Boston 0632017-04-07 Boston 0952017-04-07 Boston 1072017-04-07 Boston 1142017-04-07 Boston 1292017-04-07 Boston 1392017-04-07 Boston 1472017-04-07 Boston 1612017-04-07 Boston 1632017-04-07 Boston 1652017-04-07 Boston 1662017-04-07 Boston 1902017-04-07 Boston 1922017-04-07 Boston 1952017-04-07 Boston 2082017-04-07 Boston 2102017-04-07 Boston 2172017-04-07 Boston 2182017-04-07 Boston 2232017-04-07 Boston 2302017-04-07 Boston 2352017-04-07 Boston 2462017-04-07 Boston 2492017-04-07 Boston 2822017-04-07 Boston 2832017-04-07 Boston 2852017-04-07 Boston 2912017-04-07 Boston 2932017-04-07 Boston 2942017-04-07 Boston 2962017-04-07 Boston 3012017-04-07 Boston 310

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