December 2016 – UK, Germany and Italy Part 3

It’s been a very busy few months with travelling and work, but here we are back in the regular pace of life again. I have about 20 posts or so that are backlogged that I need to catch up on. Here’s the remainder of my Europe trip photos. Please check back for more of my adventures tomorrow.

In this final part of this series I had the fortunate chance to travel from Rome to Pompeii and Sorento for the day. I will never forget this day; it was such an amazing experience.

2016-12-14 Pompei 022016-12-14 Pompei 122016-12-14 Pompei 142016-12-14 Pompei 212016-12-14 Pompei 522016-12-14 Pompei 552016-12-14 Pompei 622016-12-14 Pompei 642016-12-14 Sorrento 012016-12-14 Sorrento 032016-12-14 Sorrento 072016-12-14 Sorrento 102016-12-14 Sorrento 162016-12-14 Sorrento 192016-12-14 Sorrento 25

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