December 2016 – UK, Germany and Italy Part 1

You may have noticed my lack of posts in the previous months… This has been due to the fact that work has been very busy, but the good news is that I have had the time to travel during that time frame. In December I was presented with the opportunity to travel with my company to London, UK for work for a few days. My father was presenting at a conference, while myself and a colleague were promoting our company at our display booth at the conference. It was a busy few days, but I was able to meet with a friend after the conference to take some photo’s around London, as well as tour around with my father and my colleague. After the conference I was supposed to meet up with my friend Anne in Germany, but last second changes occurred, so we were unable to meet up. I ended up exploring Cologne and Bonn anyways! After Cologne and Bonn I flew over to Rome to enjoy a few days there before heading home. You’ll have to wait for the next most to see my Rome photo’s… I’ve included some of my favorite photo’s of the trip below.

2016-12-05 London 02
2016-12-05 London 06
2016-12-05 London 10
2016-12-05 London 21
2016-12-05 London 22
2016-12-05 London 26
2016-12-07 London 39
2016-12-07 London 41
2016-12-07 London 42
2016-12-07 London 45
2016-12-07 London 55
2016-12-07 London 61
2016-12-07 London 64
2016-12-07 London 66
2016-12-07 London 71
2016-12-07 London 72
2016-12-08 Cologne 01
2016-12-08 Cologne 03
2016-12-08 Cologne 09
2016-12-08 Cologne 12
2016-12-08 Cologne 13
2016-12-08 Cologne 16
2016-12-08 Cologne 23
2016-12-08 Cologne 24
2016-12-08 Cologne 34
2016-12-08 Cologne 35
2016-12-08 Cologne 48
2016-12-08 London 1
2016-12-08 London 6
2016-12-08 London 7

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