August 24th 2016 – New Zealand Day 4

Today I woke up at 7:00am to make my commute into Auckland. I looked outside my camper and the view was pretty darn nice! I prepared myself a coffee and hit the road. No breakfast this morning because I was meeting Anne for breakfast. 


The commute was fairly steady until I hit the Auckland city limits then it slowed to a crawl. Navigating the RV around Auckland wasn’t too difficult, but I am used to navigating fairly large vehicle from a previous career as a delivery driver for a coffee company. I picked up Anne from her hostel on the way to my parking spot as she was central downtown. I found a spot to park on Z Pier for $20 per 24 hours. I will eventually camp here later tonight. The place even has a dump station, but no fill station.

I packed my small backpack with my camera, some water, and a rain jacket and headed in pursuit of a place that sold pancakes; her request. We walked half an hour to “No. 1 Pancake”. Sadly this was false advertising because it definitely wasn’t pancakes. It was some Chinese impression of a pancake. We searched on Google and the word we were looking for was hot cakes. We found a place on the other end of the Central Business District (CBD) called “Britomart”. I ordered a huge cowboy breakfast with all the meat you could possibly want, and Anne got her Ricotta hot cakes that she wanted. The service wasn’t very good, but the food made up for it. We settled up the $45.50 bill and left.


Anne told me she had free tickets for the Sky Tower from work and invited me to go with her later on in the evening. I told her I would love to come and that I was going to Mt. Eden today if she wanted to come along. She said sure but she also had to do laundry. I had to do laundry as well so it worked out well. I went back to my camper, grabbed my larger back pack and stuffed my laundry in it, and met back up with Anne at her hostel. Laundry wasn’t open until 2:00pm so we went to Mt. Eden. The walk took about an hour in the pouring rain. It was up hill all the way there. On the way we saw a lot of beautiful old buildings from the early 1900’s.


The views at the top of Mt. Eden was breathtaking. You could see the entire city, although it was a bit overcast. There was a monument at the top of Mt. Eden as well that was used as a survey point for the area when Auckland was founded.


The walk back was way easier since it was downhill the whole way back. When we got back to her hostel we both put our laundry into washing machines and she talked to her boyfriend on the phone. I passed the time catching up with my friends too. After switching the laundry over to the dryer we went and got some groceries and delicious Domino’s pizza; also her request. It’s much better than the Domino’s pizza at home. 

We then we’re going to go to the Sky Tower but when we arrived we were told it’s pure white out conditions at the top and to come back another day. We decided we could come back tomorrow evening instead. 


We went back to her hostel, just around the corner, and talked for a while. I headed back to my camper at about 7:00pm and worked on my blog and catch up with friends. 

Tomorrow I will be visiting the Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT) and attempting to visit the Sky Tower again. 

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