August 16th 2016 – Outback Tour Day 7 of 10

Today I got to sleep in. I woke up at 8:00am. I went to look at the free breakfast at the hostel, but decided to pass. I walked to McDonald’s about 1km away, where I ordered a Mighty Egg McMuffin, something that we don’t get at home. The Might Egg McMuffin has three different types of meat, two slices of cheese, and an egg. It was quite delicious.
After walking back from McDonald’s a girl from my group, Anne, approached me in the lobby and asked if I could help her and two other girls look for a wallet that got stolen last night from one of the girls. These two girls were from a different tour group. A young boy and young girl apparently came up to them at about 7:00pm last night and stole her wallet right out of her hand. I said that I would help, so we went searching in the area that her wallet got stolen, but unfortunately we couldn’t find anything. The two girls walked back to the hostel, while Anne and I went into town to look at art, and grab some groceries for lunch. We met up with another lady that was on our tour named Lucy, and we looked at art together. After looking at the art we went and purchased a baguette, some spread, ham, cheese, and a drink for lunch. We walked back to the hostel, and made lunch.
After finishing up lunch around 1:00pm we decided to play some pool with this Scottish couple from our trip. It was Anne and I versus the Scottish couple. Sadly we got absolutely destroyed by the Scotts!
In the afternoon I talked on the phone for a bit, and then we had “family” dinner with the people I had been travelling with for the last six days. We had pesto pasta. Tomorrow most of us would go our own separate ways.
I ended up going to bed a short time after dinner because I was so tired. Tomorrow I have to get up early to go on my Uluru tour! I’m very excited!
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