June 20th 2016 – My New Canon 1DX

Today I picked up my new to me Canon 1DX to replace my aging Canon 5D Mark II. It’s a very low shutter count camera I purchased used with less than 20k shutter cycles. I messed around with it for a bit in Glenmore Park and the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. I’m very impressed with this camera. It has some of the best colour accuracy, auto focusing, and image metering I’ve ever seen. I’m still getting the hang of it as all the button locations have changed, and the menu’s are more complicated, but I managed to get some decent bird photos.

Inglewood Bird Santuary 01Inglewood Bird Santuary 02Inglewood Bird Santuary 12Inglewood Bird Santuary 13Inglewood Bird Santuary 18Inglewood Bird Santuary 19Inglewood Bird Santuary 21Inglewood Bird Santuary 22

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