May 15th 2016 –Johnston Canyon Hike

On Saturday May 14th I completed three hikes; Paint Pots, Johnston Canyon, and Ink pots. You can see my blog post about the Paint Pots here. Today’s post is about Johnston Canyon. This hike is one of Alberta’s most famous hikes. It’s quite a beautiful hike, albeit short. The only thing that bothered me was there was way too many tourists. The hike starts off walking along a metal bridge (pathway) built into the side of a cliff. The pathway ends after about 1.1km at the Lower Falls. These falls are absolutely stunning!


After the Lower Falls the hike continues upwards for another 1.6 km, but this time on a path, rather than the metal bridge (pathway). The Upper Falls even had some snow still! The crowd’s of people started to die down the further up I went from the Lower Falls.IMG_2723IMG_2731IMG_2759IMG_2768IMG_2777IMG_2784

I continued further along the hiking trail to the Ink Pots, but look for tomorrow’s post about the Ink Pots!

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