May 14th 2016 – Paint Pots Hike

Today I went on a beautiful, but short hike in British Columbia. It is a one kilometer hike, but is one of the most unique sceneries I’ve seen in my life. The Indian’s used to travel here to obtain the “red earth”. The yellow ochre was cleaning, kneaded with water into walnut-sized balls and flattened into cakes. The cakes were then baked in a fire, then ground into a powder. The red powder was then mixed with fish oil or animal grease and used in painting bodies, teepees, clothing, and pictures on rocks.

The paint pots resulted from the accumulation of iron oxide or hydroxide around the rim of a pool. As the rim grew, the pool got deeper. The increased pressure of water in the pool became greater than the force of the water in the spring, causing the spring to seek a new outlet. When this happened, the pot eventually dried up, forming a choked cone.

Mining of iron oxide was attempted in the 1920’s, but was not considered viable due to economic and ecological reasons.

Paint Pots 1Paint Pots 3Paint Pots 6Paint Pots 10Paint Pots 15Paint Pots 17Paint Pots 18Paint Pots 22Paint Pots 23Paint Pots 33Paint Pots 35

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5 thoughts on “May 14th 2016 – Paint Pots Hike

  1. Beautiful! I’m from Washington state, just below BC and it’s amazing how close we can be and have two different types of weather! Check out my post from my hike today!

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