April 17th 2016 – Super Train Model Train Show

Today I went to the annual Super Train model train show with my friend Arthur. We also went last year. There was some new model train groups there this year, some missing from last year, and a lot of carryover from the previous year. I’ve been going to this show since I was young; back then with my father.

It’s amazing how far the technology has come over the years. When I was young it was a simple electric motor with a rheostat-like control to adjust the amount of power going to the train. It was difficult to have more than one train on a track at a given time. Fast forward to today and the systems are sophisticated computer controlled systems that you can run multiple trains on the same track at the same time, even at different speeds. The trains can have sounds, and lights, and you can even remote disconnect cars. It’s absolutely mind blowing what computers can do for us.

Anyways… take a look at some of the pictures I took at the train show!

2016-04-17 Supertrain Model Train Show 12016-04-17 Supertrain Model Train Show 252016-04-17 Supertrain Model Train Show 312016-04-17 Supertrain Model Train Show 412016-04-17 Supertrain Model Train Show 522016-04-17 Supertrain Model Train Show 552016-04-17 Supertrain Model Train Show 562016-04-17 Supertrain Model Train Show 622016-04-17 Supertrain Model Train Show 982016-04-17 Supertrain Model Train Show 1002016-04-17 Supertrain Model Train Show 1132016-04-17 Supertrain Model Train Show 1152016-04-17 Supertrain Model Train Show 78

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2 thoughts on “April 17th 2016 – Super Train Model Train Show

  1. My neighbor has an impressive model train set up throughout his house. Next time you are here I will ask him to show you.

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