April 3rd 2016 – My First Day in Kauai!

Today I was woken up at 5am by a Rooster and beautiful sounding birds. The birds were pleasant, but I was searching for a non existant BB gun for the rooster. I made some breakfast and brewed some coffee and then figured out where I wanted to go exploring for the day. I decided that I wanted to explore the North and the East sides of the island. My first stop was the Kilauea Lighthouse. The lighthouse and trail itself were closed for rehabilitation, but the view was spectacular.
I then headed to Anahola Beach, which was quite beautiful. I was warned by the car rental company about certain beaches such as Anahola Beach, that my car wouldn’t make it, but you just have to be careful and plan your route through the ruts in the road. The roads off the beaten path here are a bit weathered due to the torrential rainfall the island sees throughout the year.
I then proceeded to Opaeka’a Falls. There was actually three views here, instead of just the one I thought that was there. The first view overlooked towards the ocean, the second view was the waterfalls, and the third was rolling hills (small mountains) with a river flowing between them. The third view even had a few dozen kayakers!
I then headed to Wailua falls. These falls are quite spectacular, and there are a few other viewpoints along the way. The road to the waterfalls was quite twisty and full of slow tourists, but I eventually made it.
I then was getting fairly hungry so I stopped for a second breakfast, since it was still too early for lunch. After eating I then head towards Lihue, where I went on a train plantation tour at Kilohana. On the tour they show you all the different types of plants and vegetation that are native to the area, and they even stop to let you feed boards, and goats. I didn’t feed them, but I definitely had some fun taking photos of them.
I then head back towards the condo so that I could relax for a bit before meeting up with the wedding party at the beach for some afternoon sun. They were at Hanalei Bay. The bay is absolutely stunning, and there are no words to describe. I didn’t take any photos there today because I didn’t bring my camera to the beach. I’ll probably stop by on April 8th to take some photos there, when I go on my hike at Hanakapi’ai Falls.
I head back to my condo again at around 3:30pm so that I could FaceTime with my girlfriend for a bit, before heading to the Luau. The Luau was beyond incredible, with delicious food, and some incredible dancing, and playing with fire sticks. Towards the end of the Luau, the Groom (Marc) got sucked up (we made him) into going on stage with all the dancers and they made did one of their dances around him. It was pretty fun to watch, and he had the biggest smile on his face.
After the Luau I head back to the Condo to download my photos and head to bed. I was exhausted even though it was only 9:30pm.

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