April 2nd 2016 – Travelling to Hawaii

I’m headed to Kauai, Hawaii for my friend’s wedding! Today was a long travel day. I slept in until 9:30am, which was nice. Woke up and had breakfast with my girlfriend, helped her with burning some CD’s, and had lunch. Took a limo ride to the airport at 1pm where I met up with the bride (Jen), groom (Marc), and their son (Mason). We caught a 3pm flight to Vancouver. In Vancouver we met up with a bunch of other people going to the wedding and boarded a 5:15pm flight to Lihue, Kauai. The flight was quite smooth, and fairly fast. It was also beneficial I paid to get upgraded to WestJet Plus, where you get more leg room, complimentary food, and drinks. On the flight I was sitting next to this interesting woman named Coralee. Coralee is a massage therapist in Edmonton who is a very spiritual and holistic person. She had a lot of neat things to say and a lot of alternative perspectives to the way I think about things. It was good conversation.

After landing I picked up my rental car, a Nissan Versa. I hadn’t driven a Nissan in quite some time and was actually quite surprised at what a decent car the little Versa was. The drive to the condo I’m staying at was about 45 minutes. I stopped along the way at a Safeway to get some groceries and beer. Food is about double the cost of back home when you factor in the exchange rate. Beer is about half the cost!

Here is a picture of the beautiful sunset I saw on the plane, and the condo I’m staying at. I have to figure out what I’m going to do tomorrow during the day (possibly a hike), but in the evening I have a Luau to go to!


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One thought on “April 2nd 2016 – Travelling to Hawaii

  1. Awesome room! Kauai is my favourite place in the world. I used to go to the Coconut Market place all the time when I was young. It was near what used to be called the Beach Boy hotel. If you get chance you should try and make it to the market.

    Have a great trip!

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