February 10th 2016 – Remembering Iceland

Every year I get the wonderful opportunity to travel with my father all over the world. In July 2015 we chose to go to Iceland. My father had been there previously with my brother, and I honestly had never even thought of going there, but my father suggested that we go. I’m very glad that I did!

Iceland is such a unique and beautiful country full of waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes, and wild horses. We landed in Reykjavik (the capital) early in the morning. We hadn’t had much sleep on the overnight flight from Edmonton so we were fairly tired. We rented our car and drove to the hotel, which wasn’t ready yet, to have breakfast. On the first day we explored around Reykjavik, which has a fair amount of beautiful architecture, and art museums.

After leaving Reykjavik we started our 10 day adventure looping the entire country going around it counter clockwise. The scenery changed quite quickly from rocks, to rolling green hills, to glaciers, to vibrant red and orange sand. We saw hundreds of waterfalls, many glaciers, and many museums (including an aviation museum, which is one of my favorites!). We even had a chance to visit two geothermal power plants (one a cogen plant supplying Reykjavik with hot water). A fascinating thing about Iceland is that over 95% of their electricity comes from renewable energy sources (geothermal and hydroelectric).

Below are just a few examples of the beauty that this country has to offer!

Iceland 14
Iceland 72
Iceland 75
Iceland 114
Iceland 117
Iceland 133
Iceland 161
Iceland 202
Iceland 210
Iceland 364
Iceland 378
Iceland 389
Iceland 427
Iceland 439
Iceland 518
Iceland 519
Iceland 559
Iceland 640
Iceland 654
Iceland 724

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